Growing Significance of Probiotics on Health

Image The confluence of all food-dependent life sustaining processes is in the  gastrointestinal  tract  where  the  gut  resident  and  food  introduced microbes mix. Healthy living is conditioned on the proper functioning of  the  digestive  ecosystem  which  is  biologically  affected  by  the  state of the microbial load of the input, “food”, the interaction of food and the gut microbiota, producing the output-healthy living. Worldwide, overconsumption of  high  calorie  nutrient  deficient  foods  produces obesity, poor weight management, and health problems which changes the   human   gut   ecosystem.   These   problems   can   be   mitigated   by introducing probiotics into the diet. Probiotics, live bacteria... Read More

Probiotic BIOHM Improves Nutrient Absorption

Image Technological advancements that have improved identification of the microbial makeup of the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract, as well as the biochemistry of digestion, have also increased our understanding of the mechanisms of nutrient absorption. The interaction of gut microorganisms with the intestines begins at the mucosal-associated layer that covers the epithelium. This layer, consisting of enterocytes and mucin secreted by goblet cells, provides a habitat for beneficial gut flora. Moreover, the microbial communities residing in our gut (microbiome) influence various functional activities including nutrient absorption, protection of mucosal surfaces, and structure and function of... Read More

Primary Immunization among Children in Malaysia

Image Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination has completed 8 years of successful journey, now we are in 9th year for continuing the excellence in the publication field with the help of our glorious editors. We are accepting articles on the Human Vaccine Trials, Cancer Vaccines, Vaccine Adjuvants, Vaccine Preclinical vaccine studies, Childhood vaccines, HIV vaccines, Malaria vaccines, etc. Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination published an article titled: Primary Immunization among Children in Malaysia: Reasons for Incomplete which mainly focuses on immunization in Malaysia children. Incomplete primary immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases is a significant public health problem. This study... Read More

Your gut could potentially decide your ability to fight diseases!

Image Vaccines are designed, developed and administered in order to elicit a favorable immune response to counter the infection by a specific pathogen in a population group. Vaccination technology has been a boon to address most of the public health concerns particularly those affecting the infants, children and aged populations. However, it is a well-known fact that the response to a vaccination varies from population to population. Seldom our thought go towards what could be the actual reason for such variation. Researchers from Western Australia have provided some of the most recent and comprehensive insights into the role of... Read More

It is Not Yet Easy to Treat Autoimmune Diseases!

Image Already the world is suffering from different types of communicable and non-communicable diseases and this burden is further compounded by the incidence of auto-immune diseases. Autoimmune diseases affect nearly 5% of the global population and are of several types affecting different organs. Autoimmune diseases generally reveal through chronic inflammation and are distinct autoimmunity which is a natural mechanism of health maintenance. Autoimmune diseases are genetically predisposed among individuals and they just require an external trigger to get activated, among which infections are most common and occasionally vaccination could also be a reason. While several treatment approaches are in... Read More

Journal of Immunological Disorders and Immunotherapy Marks its Decade Long Journey by Announcing Hefty Discounts on Article Processing

Image The editorial team of Journal of Immunological Disorders and Immunotherapy (ISSN: 2593-8509) are overwhelmed by the response and eagerness of the academic and research contributors to publish with the journal and take part in the year-long celebrations. During this year we look forward to taking some initiates that would encourage and reward our prospective customers. It gives us great pleasure in announcing the call for paper on the special and hefty discount of up to 20 percent on one-time article processing charge. Prospective... Read More